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When to Contact Apartment Maintenance

While renting an apartment, there’s going to come a time when you need something repaired or dealt with, whether that be a leaky ceiling, a running toilet, or some pesky pests. Well, lucky for you, one of the biggest perks of being a renter is getting free maintenance to your apartment through apartment management, with some apartments even offering 24/7 emergency maintenance. Nifty, right? But how do you know when it’s time to contact apartment management for maintenance repairs?


The repairs that are covered by apartment management almost always include major issues (depending on local laws), but it also covers smaller everyday problems. Let’s dive in a little deeper to see what exactly your maintenance team can and will fix for you.

Leaks and Water Damage

Do you have an upstairs neighbor with a leaky fridge or an overfilling bathtub that’s caused a leak in your apartment, or even worse, serious water damage? Call your leasing office or the property manager or landlord directly to get this fixed as soon as possible. If the water damage goes past damaging the unit and damages your belongings as well, then this may be a case for renters insurance. Check your policy and your lease and discuss this issue with your property manager or landlord to see who’s responsible for what.

HVAC Repairs

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as your AC going out or not cooling properly, your heat shutting off in the dead of winter, or your apartment feeling humid due to ventilation issues – yikes! But don’t fret, renters. HVAC repairs are pretty common, so don’t hesitate to call your landlord or put in a maintenance request for an emergency repair to your HVAC. Every renter needs heat or AC (depending on the season), so in most states, this is something that apartment management is liable for fixing. However, check your city and state laws for more information on the topic.

Plumbing Issues

Are you having toilet troubles? If your toilet is backed up to the point that a plunger is not going to do the trick, and you don’t feel confident that you can fix this issue on your own, then you need to put in a maintenance request. If your toilet is constantly running, this is a serious issue that you should contact maintenance about as well.

Pest Control

We’ve all probably squealed or been slightly disgusted when finding a pest in the apartment. But no home is safe from pests, and your apartment is no different! If you are having any issue with pests, such as a roaches, mice or rats, annoying ants, or sneaky spiders, then it’s time to put in a maintenance request for pest control. The apartment community either charges you for a monthly pest control fee or they have a pest control service on retainer that’s free of charge to the tenant. Either way, don’t hesitate to contact maintenance to get this handled. The sooner they spray, bait, and trap these pests, the sooner you’ll have your apartment rid of these tiny invaders. 

Appliance Repairs

If your freezer stops making ice or your dishwasher stops running, then it’s time to contact maintenance. If the appliances came with the apartment, then management is liable for fixing them. However, maintenance is not obligated to fix the microwave or toaster oven that you brought with you to the apartment.

Door or Window Locks

Having a broken lock (especially on your front door) is a big deal – get this handled as soon as possible. If you can’t lock your apartment from the interior or exterior, then it’s a safety concern. Apartment management will send out their maintenance team to fix your lock, so don’t feel like you have to replace it yourself. It’s better to have a professional deal with this issue.

Routine Maintenance to Unit

Every six months to once a year, you’ll have routine maintenance done to your apartment. This includes checking your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and cleaning your air filters. This is the responsibility of apartment management. You’ll typically get a notification (either a call, text, email, or note on your front door) from apartment management that they’re doing routine inspections for one thing or another.


Renters often question what is considered “emergency maintenance,” and the answer is: anything that you can’t live with or you can’t live without. It’s a sigh of relief to hear that many apartment communities offer around the clock maintenance (for emergency issues only), so don’t panic if an emergency pops up that needs immediate assistance – your apartment community has your back. Things that you can’t live without include:

A functional toilet

Hot water


Things that you can’t live with that make your apartment uninhabitable in one way or another may include:

The presence of mold

Serious leaks

Any issue that impairs the livability or safety of your apartment should be considered an emergency maintenance issue, and your apartment community will likely fix your issue as soon as they can. Though you can buy a new door lock or test for mold in your apartment, it’s not your responsibility as a renter to fix these repairs. As long as you notify management, give details of the incident, and provide entry into your apartment, any emergency issue you have should be handled in a timely fashion.

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30 nov. 2022

While repairing the apartment don't forget to change your home door locks as it can enhance the security of the home. Also, don't forget to save the contact details of a professional locksmith as they help you during emergency home lockout problems .

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