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How to Find a Qualified Roommate

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If finding a roommate is one of your current stressors, you’re not alone, renters! Finding not only a roommate, but the perfect roommate (if this exists), can be a difficult task if you don’t have any immediate, probable options on the horizon. For instance, if you have a built-in roommate – someone in the same stage of life as you who’s also in need of a roommate and an apartment in the same city – such as a twin, sibling, or a close family friend, then consider yourself lucky (and wish the rest of us luck). 

For those of us who have to fend for ourselves and venture out into the rental universe in search of a new roommate, let us take this journey together. After all, with the right tips and tricks, finding the perfect roommate will just be another step you’ll ace along your rental journey.


It’s the 21st century, renters – the Internet is our friend! You’ve been searching for apartments online (on, of course), probably a two-bedroom or larger – unless you’re interested in a flex apartment – haven’t you? Then why not search for a roommate online, as well? There are many valid roommate finder sites out there that are perfect for those of us who don’t know of anyone looking for an apartment at the same time and in the same place as us. That’s okay! More people than you think are in the same circumstance as you, and one of those people will likely be your next roommate!

Top Roommate Finder Apps

Keep your eyes, mind, and options open, and consider some of these roommate apps and sites:

Do any of these helpful resources sound familiar to you? If not, be sure to check out each one individually to see which best suits you and what you’re looking for. There are a few outstanding qualities about these roommate finder apps that make them stand out from the rest. They allow you to search for a city or specific location, choose your preference between looking for a room or looking for a roommate, set a maximum rent price, set a move-in date, and filter your roommate search based on specific factors (such as age range). For example, if you’re fresh out of college in your early 20s looking for a roommate, you most likely want to rent an apartment with someone of a similar age. These roommate finder apps understand that and make it easy to filter your search. There are many people out there looking for a roommate – you just have to look, and there’s no better way to search for something than online, am I right?


Friends and family are always great go-tos when it comes to finding a roommate. Just because your closest friends and family members aren’t looking for a roommate, doesn’t mean that their friends or friends-of-friends aren’t! It’s worth a shot, especially if you’re hoping to avoid the “random roommate” scenario. While some renters don’t mind sharing an apartment with someone they’re unfamiliar with, others find it more comforting to rent with someone they already know or share a mutual connection with. And if that’s the case, then finding a roommate through a friend’s or family member’s connection is probably your best bet!


If you’re active on social media, especially Facebook, then this is a great place to find a roommate. You can either post about needing a roommate on your own personal account, or you can request to join local roommate search groups and pages. In these groups, you’ll find others just like yourself who are looking for a roommate. Some renters will be searching for:

A new roommate and a new apartment

A new roommate for their current apartment

A renter who already has an apartment with a spare room that’s looking for a roommate

If you plan to post on social media, either on your account or on a group page, make sure to include the area you live in, how much you want to spend on rent, the lease length you’re looking for, and other important factors such as your personal preferences. For instance, you may be looking for a roommate who is fine with you having a pet, so if that’s important to you, be sure to include that in your post to limit your responses to only fitting candidates! And most importantly, make sure that you take the necessary safety screening precautions before signing a lease with someone you met on the Internet. Safety first, renters.


Congrats – you’ve found a few potential roommates! Whether you discovered that perfect roomie online or through a mutual connection, it’s important to ask your potential roommate(s) questions that relate to your schedule, preferences, and overall lifestyle. Before you sign a lease with this renter, consider asking questions such as:

Do you have a steady job with a reliable income?Do you have any pets?Do you have any allergies I should be aware of?What is your day-to-day schedule like?What is your opinion on overnight guests?

If both of your answers to these questions line up well, then you may just have found your new roommate! Finding a roommate doesn’t have to be a difficult process – after all, there are plenty of renters out there looking for a roomie just like you. Best of luck on your roommate search, my fellow renters!

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